About Us

Because every chicken deserves to be happy and healthy

Since the beginning our goal at Chick-O-Rama was simple. Make the best feeds, treats, and supplements with only natural and Non-GMO ingredients.  As chicken owners there are many product choices for poultry.  We want you to feel good about what you’re feeding your chickens. It’s a responsibility we take to heart. That’s why we monitor every inch of every products journey. From carefully choosing our, all-natural and Non-GMO ingredients to our in-house production and conscientious packaging, our high standards are never compromised. This ensures that every treat, feed, and supplement that leaves our sight is safe, cluck-worthy and wholesome.  It’s no surprise a chickens nutrition is vital to their well-being and happiness. We take great pride in our products.  We love poultry!

 We believe;

- the best possible food, treats, and supplements are attainable for our chickens.

- our chickens deserve the same quality ingredients that we do.

 -Non-GMO and all-natural are not just buzz words, but are essential to healthier, happier poultry.

- compromise is not an option.

We are changing the way people think about poultry!