Non-GMO Sprouting Barley 4lbs

$ 7.99

Barley Seeds NON-GMO

4lbs Non-GMO Barley Seeds for sprouting as Animal Fodder.  Sprouting is a simple way to provide nutrition for your livestock and cut feed cost. Chickens love sprouted barely especially in the winter.

Our Barley is clean and can also be used for making beer or malting.


The Benefits of Sprouting Barley are:

Increases in Protein Quality

Increases in Essential Fatty Acids

Increases in Crude Fiber

Increases in Vitamin content

Increase Vitamin and Mineral Content


Crude Protein and Crude Fiber changes in Barley Sprouted over a 7-day period

Crude Protein (% of DM) Crude Fibre (% of DM)
Original seed 12.7% 5.4%
Day 1 12.7% 5.6%
Day 2 13.0% 5.9%
Day 3 13.6% 5.8%
Day 4 13.4% 7.4%
Day 5 13.9% 9.7%
Day 6 14.0% 10.8%
Day 7 15.5% 14.1%

Source: Cuddeford (1989), based on data obtained by Peer and Leeson (1985)

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